Podiatrist-Approved Sandal Brands for Summer 2018

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Last week, I discussed how extra straps, built-in arch supports, and more cushioned footbeds can make sandals more supportive, comfortable, and protective than your average flip-flops. This week, I want to share my list of sandal brands with these key sandal features, which may allow you to wear these sandals all summer long and not have foot pain or discomfort.

The sandal brands below are in no particular order, but this list includes brands I have personally worn or recommended to my friends, family, and patients. The pictures are just examples of their sandal styles and may not represent their entire collection or the specific sandals I recommend to my patients. Therefore, I recommend clicking on the brand name, which will bring you directly to their website, where you can see more from their collection, as well as details regarding the construction of their sandals and other shoe gear.


  • Cost: $65-130+ (average ~$90-100)

  • Hawaiian-inspired brand

  • Two lines: Water-Ready & Leather

  • Straps: Water-resistant synthetic straps or leather straps

  • Footbeds: Polyurethane (durable material) or variations of EVA (material known to be lightweight and good cushioning)

  • Rubber outer soles


  • Cost: $50-65

  • Known for being “recovery” sandals

  • Construction: Closed-cell foam

  • Lightweight

  • Cushioned


  • Cost: $70-110

  • Many products are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

  • Brand receives input from a group of medical doctors, podiatrists, and other healthcare and fitness specialists that make up their Vionic Innovation Lab.

  • Footbed: EVA +/- additional material

  • Rubber outsole

  • Orthaheel technology


  • Cost: $32-100+

  • Many products are approved by the APMA

  • Their R&D department is led by a PhD in biomechanics

  • Uma Thurman Line

  • Many footbed technologies:

  • iQUISHION™ (a flexible air-foam system)

  • DUOCOMFF™ (two layers of cushioning)

  • Microwobbleboard™ midsole system (triple-density)


  • Cost: $50-140

  • Aetrex Technology

  • Arch support

  • Straps

  • Memory foam or EVA cushioning

  • Some with ultra-light weight cork midsole

  • Anti-microbial technology

  • Rubber outsole


  • Cost: $40-70

  • APMA Accepted

  • Key features include:

  • Deep heel cup to stabilize and control your heel as you step down

  • Heel lift for body realignment

  • Arch support

  • Memory foam or EVA footbed

  • Metatarsal dome for redistribution of pressure placed on forefoot, specifically the ball of the foot

DISCLAIMER: The above information is meant for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Should you have questions or concerns related to your health, please contact the doctor, or your own healthcare professional.

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