Falling Into Podiatry

Welcome to the At Your Feet blog and my very first post! I often get the questions, “Why feet?” and “Why podiatry?” So, to put those questions to rest, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little about my background, how I became interested in podiatry, and what my goal is with my practice.

My father was a 4-time All-American runner in college and ran for Nike for a period of time, so it wasn’t surprising when he trained his three daughters to run at a very early age. I ran my first road race when I was three years old and ultimately had a very successful running career at a young age.

During my junior year of high school, though, I sustained my first foot fracture. I was able to recover and continue racing, and I give credit to my doctors. The impact they had on me at the time was something I instinctively knew I wanted to pass on to others one day. They got me back on my feet, which allowed me to continue running and competing, and that feeling was priceless.

Over the years, I have broken my feet four times. Yet, I continue to get up each morning in search of my daily dose of runners’ high, and I am thankful for those have helped me stay active and healthy. Now, my goal is to help others continue doing what they enjoy most and to keep them on their feet. So, if you have a foot-related question or concern, I am At Your Feet :)

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