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At Your Feet Coaching

an online running program personalized to fit your needs

"A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways as they're capable of understanding."  Steve Prefontaine

Hire the Doctor as Your Running Coach

Whether you want to run your first 5K or improve your half-marathon time, Jennifer can help get you there!
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Just getting started? Try the program without commitment. 

Program includes:

  • Personalized training program (schedule is sent out weekly)

  • Weekly adjustments to schedule, as needed

  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence to discuss how the program is going and to answer any questions you may have


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Have a race coming up and need a change in your training regimen? Consider the 3-month training program and save a little money.

Program includes:

  • Personalized training program

  • Weekly or monthly adjustments to schedule, as needed

  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence



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Have you plateaued, or do you need to be held accountable for your runs? Consider a longer commitment to a training program.

Program includes:

  • Personalized training program

  • Weekly or monthly adjustments to schedule, as needed

  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence


*: In the first two programs, 1 month = 4 weeks; therefore, in the month-to-month program, the cost is $150 per 4 weeks. In the 3-month program, the cost is $135 per 4 weeks, which equates to $405 for a 12-week, or 3-month, program.

**: In the 6-month program, 6 months is calculated from the start date. So, if you begin your program on January 1st, your program will go until July 1st.

How It Works:

After you have chosen a race (e.g. 5k, 10k, half-marathon), contact Jennifer for a free consultation. She will call you by phone to get more details about your running history and goals. A personalized online training program will be created to fit your specific needs and schedule. Once the plan is in place, you will be billed monthly during the time period you are training. You will be able to email Jennifer, as needed, during this time period for no extra charge. She typically responds to emails within 24 hours. You can also reach her by phone should that be your preferred form of communication. For those in the Los Angeles area, Jennifer is also available for in-person speed/track workouts. Please contact her if you are interested to learn more.

Why Hire The Doctor?


  • She has been an avid runner for decades, previously competing at the collegiate level and now participating in road races.

    • Accomplishments & PRs:

      • 1 mile (track) - 5:09​

      • 2 mile (track) - 11:04

      • 10K - 41:34

      • Half-marathon - 1:29:14

      • 5-time All-Conference & All-State runner in high school

      • Cross-country State Champion & ND Senior Athlete of the Year

  • While in college, she was an assistant coach for a middle school track team.

  • Before returning to school to become a doctor, she was a NASM-certified personal trainer, who worked for a private, live-in personal training & weightless company, at which time she led group hikes, beach boot camps, as well as provided personal training sessions for individuals and small groups.

  • She has suffered multiple running injuries so she can relate to, and help, those with past running injuries. 

  • She is a board-certified podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine & biomechanics.

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"At the age of 20 I set out to become part of the 50/50/50 club. Because I had never run distance before and certainly not competitively, I began with the simple goal of just completing the races without walking. In the beginning I shaved time off each race, but when I realized I had plateaued finishing six half marathons at almost the exact same time my competitive nature kicked in and I was driven to become better. This is when I reached out to Dr. Jennifer Falk. She took the time to get to know my running history, what my goals were and the race I was doing. Her training schedule catered to all of these things and improved my running knowledge and skill. Also, it certainly showed she knows what she's doing, when I cut 3 minutes off my finishing time. Jennifer is passionate and enthusiastic about running and her love translates into her training. She consistently checks in with you and genuinely wants to get you to your goal. I would recommend Jennifer for new or skilled runners alike and I am already contracting her for my next race!"

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