"In the past 20 years [for example], Concierge Medicine has transformed many of the modern-day healthcare delivery programs we see today. Its mission has propelled physicians to create better programs around transparent pricing structures, enhanced innovation to close the gap between patient and physician and awakened new business ideas inside Medical Centers, Primary Care and Specialty Medical facilities across the country. Today, its historical fingerprints centered around access, transparency and relationship is rescuing the careers of some of America's greatest physicians and healthcare professionals."

- Michael Tetreault (Editor-in-Chief at Concierge Medicine Today)

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

For Physicians:

  • Decreased Patient Load

  • Longer Patient Visits

  • Direct Pay Methods

  • Decreased (or Elimination of) Insurance Involvement

  • Decreased Billing & Administrative Work

  • Decreased Overhead Costs

  • Better Communication

  • Preventative Care That May Help Decrease Urgent Care Visits & Hospital Admissions

  • Work Remotely via Telemedicine

For Patients:

  • Same-Day, After-Hours, & Weekend Visits

  • House-Call Visits & Remote Telemedicine Services

  • Longer, Uninterrupted Visits with the Doctor

  • Improved Access to Doctor Between Visits

  • Preventative Care That May Help Decrease Urgent Care Visits & Hospital Admissions

Portrait of a Young Doctor

At Your Feet-Consulting Services

30-Minute Consultation - FREE

Enjoy a complimentary phone consultation with the doctor to determine if concierge medicine is right for you. Get some of your basic questions answered and decide whether or not you want to hire the doctor to help you establish, or transition into, a concierge practice!

AYF Consulting Services Offered:

  • Business & Strategic Planning

  • Business Incorporation

  • Development of New Services

  • Website Services

  • Healthcare social media

  • HIPAA Compliancy Strategies

  • ​Advice regarding budgeting, staffing, and marketing & advertising
  • Referrals for:
    • State & Federal Business Set-up
    • Basic Bookkeeping
    • Financial Actuals & Projections
    • Payroll Set-up & Processing
    • HR, Health & Safety, and Marketing consulting
    • SEO Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing

Why Hire The Doctor?

  • Time - Significantly decrease the amount of time you spend researching, on the phone, and setting up your business.  Get the necessary documentation directly from the doctor and the referrals you want to streamline your business set-up. In addition, the doctor can help create your website for you, link up your social media accounts, and assist with SEO optimization.

  • Money - With so many services being offered under AYF Consulting, you can potentially save thousands of dollars just setting up your business with the doctor. She can also give cost-saving solutions as you begin your practice.

  • Experience - Get advice and help from a physician who has been through the process personally and has the perspective of both a physician and a business owner.



A Personalized Plan is created based on your needs and the services required. Fees may be quoted on an hourly basis or per project. Regardless of the agreement, you will receive weekly calls from the doctor to answer any questions and to see how the transition into your concierge practice is going. You are also free to email her your questions along the way.

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