About The Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Nicole Falk

Dr. Falk is a California-based, board certified, concierge podiatrist, specializing in sports podiatry and cosmetic procedures. Her practice caters to runners, athletes, and busy working professionals, who may not have the time or means of easily getting in to see the doctor. She is available for in-office visits, but her house-call & telemedicine podiatry practice allows for her to go to her patients (whether at their home, hotel, or work place) when it is more convenient for them, and because she sees less patients, she is able to spend more time with each one. 


Dr. Falk started running at the age of three, was a 5-time All-Conference & All-State cross-country runner in high school, and was named the North Dakota Senior Athlete of the Year in Cross Country in 2002. She continued to run in college, but after sustaining her fourth foot fracture, she stopped competing, temporarily, to focus on her education. These fractures, though, were a catalyst for her focus on podiatric medicine and for her passion and drive in getting athletes back to their optimal health and sporting potential. Her goal is to provide the necessary tools to help keep her patients on their feet.

Dr. Falk has actively been involved in organizations, multi-disciplinary meetings, and academic sessions, as well as research and lecturing. With her extensive athletic history, she has a special interest in sports, specifically runners. She continues to run today and enjoys competing in half marathons and has a personal best time of 1:29:14.

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